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The world is your market!
Reach more customers instantly by going global!

With BorderGuru you can sell and deliver your products to customers worldwide as easily as within your domestic market.

BorderGuru offers a full-service solution for brands and retailers to deliver internationally from their web-shop or via marketplaces. Benefit: Low capital expenditure, quick and easy integration and existing domestic delivery processes can be used.

International consumers can shop for your products and pay with their preferred payment method. We calculate and include all duties and taxes for international delivery at the point of purchase, avoiding surprise costs to the customer upon delivery.
A win-win situation: low effort to internationalize for the merchant and borderless online-shopping for the consumer.


Simple logistics process

You use your trusted logistics partner to deliver the packages into our network or let us pick them up. We take care of the rest and deliver the packages to the customer’s door.

Easy customs handling

We handle customs including export declaration, duty payments and import processing. We also take care of changes in customs regulations. We provide the expertise so you don’t have to.

Great customer experience

We deliver to your customer’s door – no pick-up at customs necessary. All shipping costs and taxes are calculated up front avoiding unpleasant surprises and delivery delays. Duties and taxes are immediately paid by the customer using their preferred payment option and currency.

Easy integration

We have developed a software solution and offer free integration via plugin or customized integration into existing e-commerce or warehouse systems. Additionally, our tech team continues to offer support.

Priority shipping with postal prices

We offer competitive pricing comparable to postal costs and deliver at the speed of priority services. We achieve this by using our own network of strong logistics partners and by consolidating volumes of our client brands and retailers to achieve better prices.


Real time duty and tax quotes

Duties and taxes are calculated at checkout by our system. Customers have complete price transparency – no cost surprises once a product arrives in the destination country.

Choice of payment methods

The customer chooses his preferred payment method and pays in their preferred currency.

Full tracking from your warehouse to delivery

You and your customer can track the progress of the package from the time it leaves your warehouse to the time it is delivered.

Fast international shipping options

Timely worldwide delivery on your behalf — you only need to deliver your packages to our local warehouse or we can pick them up.

Full customs clearance service

We produce all necessary customs documentation, take care of customs clearance and resolve customs issues.

Delivery to customer’s door

Your customer does not have to deal with customs — we take the package straight to the customer’s door.

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How it works

Customer order

An international customer places an order online and pays in local currency. We calculate and include shipping costs and taxes at the point of order

Dispatch and shipping

You send the package to our in-country warehouse or we pick it up. We complete the export declaration for the package and ship it by air internationally. We also offer pickup for larger volumes.

Customs clearance

Upon arrival, we manage the import process for you. We pay the required duties and taxes for the package.

Final delivery

Our logistics partners, such as Hermes, deliver straight to the customer’s door. You and your customer can track the package at all times. We also work with other companies for non-EU countries.

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